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  1. Is there a way to restore my vault from Enpass 6 to Enpass 5? Alternatively is there a way to export Enpass 6 vaults to CSV? Enpass 6 only seems to be able to export to .txt or .json and backs up to .enpassbackup but Enpass 5 can only import from .walletx or .db
  2. Hello, I am on the latest Enpass 6 Beta client for Windows 10 desktop. As of about a week ago, the main Enpass window won't open. It seems to either render off screen or not render at all. This occurs whether I use an external monitor or not. I have tried the following troubleshooting methods: Tried without external monitor Restarted machine Re-downloaded and re-installed Enpass Various keyboard shortcuts to move, snap or maximise/minimise window (steps shown below) During this I noticed the context menu doesn't have the option for maximise or minimise - as if the window didn't exist...? I have linked recorded steps from Windows 10 Steps Recorder. Ignore the Shift + Page Up action as that was a mistake. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ak2FHeERZOo7q9gqXf1gdKK_qn9uQw
  3. Not everyone is ignorant about the different versions - it's definitely confusing but mostly frustrating. Some of us use multiple browsers for whatever reason, in my case it's due to work and needing to test in different environments. It's great that there's finally Edge support, however, in order to use Enpass with both Edge and Firefox we have to have two separate versions installed. Without voicing our discontent for this the developers may not prioritise the feature appropriately.
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