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  1. When Mozilla VPN is turned on, the Enpass Assistant extension in Microsoft Edge (Version 95.0.1020.5 (Official build) dev (64-bit)) and Firefox ( 92.0 64-bit) does not behave correctly. In both browsers when the cursor is placed in a User ID or password box and the Enpass extension icon is clicked in the browser toolbar, the Looking for Enpass... browser page opens as if the desktop app is not logged in and running. I have it open and logged in on the desktop. The assistant seems to find the desktop app because if it is minimized to the desktop toolbar, the browser app restores it to the desktop. The final message from the browser extension is "Enpass Assistant is unable to connect with the Enpass app." As soon as the VPN is turned off, Enpass extension behavior in both browsers returns to normal. Thoughts?
  2. Turned out to be a Windows update issue. Simple reboot after update left this issue in other apps as well as Enpass. System shutdown and restart resolved the issue.
  3. Drag and drop items between folders has stopped working on Windows desktop. Uninstalled Enpass and reinstalled did not repair. I can select an item and edit an item. Additionally folders now only show their item count when the folder is selected. Enpass 5.6.19 (5548), Windows 10 Pro 1803 17134.254 Has anyone else experienced this and found a solution.
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