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  1. I've switched over to 1Password instead, and it's a much nicer workflow, so I'm all set.
  2. Using the browser extension, one of my top sources of frustration is when I try to auto-fill from an entry, only to have that entry open a new tab associated with its URL. I personally *never* want to open a new tab using Enpass. If I wanted to visit a site using my desktop browser (e.g., Firefox 57 macOS), I'd open a new tab and navigate there myself. The typical use case is that some company changes domains, and now instead of mychase.com it's chaseonline.com or something like that. Even with the "Match URL hostname" option disabled in Enpass desktop, when I search for and double-click the Chase entry, it opens a new tab for the old site instead of auto-filling. The workaround every time is to update the URL, but that takes time because you can't do it in the browser. So you have to switch to desktop app, edit the entry, etc. etc. Or you can copy and paste username/password, but that doesn't solve it for next time. Bottom line: if I'm double-clicking an entry, I know what I'm doing and would it auto-filled on the current page; is this possible? Feel free to move this to a feature request area instead if that's more appropriate.
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