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  1. When I set up sync with Onedrive, the authorization process request access to I grant the auth request. But when I try to sync I get the Error 'please enter your master password'. The reason is that you tried to save the database in Onedrive unter /Enpass instead under /Apps/Enpass as requested by the Oauth authorization request. This triggers the error. After I moved the files manually from /Enpass to /Apps/Enpass syncing started to function. But you still write the file sync_default.walletx to /Enpass. WTF? Please fix this bug.
  2. Onedrive for Business: Auth. dialog does not accept Office 365 Accounts. Only private accounts. Please fix this ASAP. This may help: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/onedrive/developer/rest-api/getting-started/msa-oauth
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