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  1. I've just gone back to ubuntu to check the version - I'm on the testing repo and the highest it's offering is 5.6.3 - and it's synchronising correctly now. Perhaps Google have been messing with the API... I switched back to the stable repo and that has version 5.6.5 which is also now synchronising just fine. Thanks for your help but the problem has gone away!
  2. No proxy, direct connection working fine, I'm replying using it! I tried changing from system setting for proxy to none but no difference. I can see Enpass is trying to communicate with google drive with Wireshark, as I mentioned in the first post re the TLS traffic, and it seems like something is going wrong with the exchange since there's an encrypted alert every time, but I can't easily snoop further and don't know how to get Enpass to output debug info, nor even if there is a way to do that. I tried using Dropbox and with that I get a -116 error with no sync file in place, then the same -118 once I've synchronised the android app (v5.6.4) to create the file. Another edit: I tried using a different account for google drive and it synchronised successfully, but once I'd done a sync to the new account with the android app then I get the -118 error from the linux prog (v5.6.3). It looks like some kind of format incompatibility.
  3. Can't get either the stable or beta linux version to sync with google drive on ubuntu 16.04 lts. Error shown is: There went something wrong while synchronizing. (Error code: -118) which appears to be a failure to get the data file. I can see some TLS 1.2 traffic with a google host which seems to terminate after an encrypted alert so I can't see why. I can't see how to trigger debug output although there are signs it can be done in the binary. I tried turning off all sync and renaming the Enpass dir in google drive, same error afterwards. What should I do next?
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