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  1. Hi @Akash Vyas, The answer from @Hemant Kumar in the post you linked, "Security Concern", is seriously worrying, not so much because of the huge security hole it reveals, but because of the careless reaction of @Hemant Kumar and Enpass : "Sorry, not our fault, it's the third-party applications we use". No, sorry, the true answer is "it's the third-party applications we use carelessly." You are responsible of how carefully you choose these third-parties, you are also responsible of how you use them so they don't create security holes in an application where security is critical, and you ar
  2. I don't know if password versioning actually qualifies as "Security" but it would definitely be a security for the all thumbs users we sometimes are. Password versioning would keep old passwords in case, on an all thumbs day, we copy something irrelevant in the password field, or if changing our password on an account fails and we still need our old password. Like file versioning, it would be configurable in number of versions kept, and/or in age of old versions. It would be combined with a recycle bin if we delete an entry by accident. From a security point of view, I don't believe
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