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  1. I wish I could have my money back. They don’t give feedback, just a general answer that doesn’t solve the problem. Keep giving bad rates in App Store might make other people not to spend their money.
  2. Can I have a definitive solution for my problem?
  3. Thank you for your answer. The problem is: It’s the 4th time I have this issue and in all the other 3 I had to reset the program and register the passwords all over again. This is not a reliable program if all the time it does not recognize the master password. And it’s not an isolated problem as other people are also having this issue.
  4. Unfortunately they never answered to my message. I posted a complain in their FB page and in the app evaluation but no answer at all. It’s sad to see how they treat their consumers.
  5. This is the third time that Enpass does not log in with my fingertip and asks me the password. However it does not recognize my password. Every time I have to reinstall the program and type all my passwords again. This is getting annoying. Why this is happening? The password is correct cause I wrote it somewhere else and I am typing the same password.
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