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  1. But with Cryptomator I can put my password files in an encrypted folder in Dropbox. But I don't know if Enpass can synchro the password file ? Thanks
  2. Hi ! I'm stupid Enpass encrypt to cloud. Cryptomator can just send files encrypted to DropBox.
  3. Hi ! I use Enpass with DropBox for sync my password with my mac computer iPad and Android phone. I don't know if all password sync with DropBox are encrypted if they are an hack of DropBox ? Because they are an app "Cryptomator" can crypt files stock in cloud App type DropBox. The files of Enpass stock in DropBox are encrypted ? Or can use Cryptomator for crypt Enpass files ? Thank you.
  4. Hi ! I use it for my computer OS X and IOS and Android. But when I restart my phone The automatic writing password are disabled ? I do to activate again ? It's normal ? Thanks
  5. Hi ! I'm an user of mac os x (with bootcamp windows) I have an iPad but I sell my iPhone and i use an Android phone for my password I use Keychain Apple but it don't compatible with my Android :-( I want to use Enpass because I prefer to buy it one time ;-) I don't want an subscription all the time. I want to import my Keychain ? I do export with a command terminal my keychain in format txt I can't to import in Enpass !? I convert to Csv but again I can't to import too !!! What the method to import my Keychain Apple ? Thank's ps : sorry for my langage I'm French
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