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  1. I've just released a new version of the AppImage. I did not get QtQuick built into it yet, as I just wanted to get Enpass v6.2.0.537 packed up with an up-to-date AppImageKit. I'm also looking into options for an issue tracker and something maybe like Apache Maven, but better suited to this kind of project. I'm open to suggestions. Please see the top post for the updated AppImage.
  2. Hrm. Interesting. As the version I currently have packed is pretty old, let me get the new version out, then lets see what happens.
  3. Sorry about the delay in answering you. Please see my previous post. At first glance, this looks like you're missing some or all Qt libraries. The specific one listed in your output is QtQuick. As I work more on this project, I'll try to get those libraries built-in to the AppImage. I'll try to have a version with QtQuick built-in out by the end of this weekend. In the mean time, if you like, you can try making sure that you have the Qt libraries installed, particularly QtQuick. Thank you!
  4. Hey guys! Thanks for your interest! Sorry I took so long to get back to you all. I hadn't seen any evidence of interest for the few several weeks after making this thread, and then I totally forgot about it. I finally remembered it while I was looking at my Nextcloud shares. lol. Now I see there have been many downloads since then. I'll gladly keep working on this until Sinew decides to make an official one. My time is a little limited these days, but I'll do my best to get it up-to-date and keep it there.
  5. Inspired by the below discussion, I decided to pack up Enpass 6 into a AppImage for those who don't want to have to do all the work to get it on an unsupported distro like Gentoo, Void, etc. Just download it, mark it executable, and run it. I have yet to FULLY test it, but so far it works for me. I expect that auto-start on boot/log-in won't work yet, though. If there's enough interest in this, and Sinew isn't against it ( or better yet, hires me to maintain it officially ), I'll do more thorough testing and get auto-start working. DISCLAIMER and DISCLOSURE: This is an UNOFFICIAL package of Enpass 6 that I made for my self, and am releasing in hopes that others will find it useful. If Sinew asks me to, I will cease distribution. I have NO AFFILIATION with Sinew other than as one of their customers. Sinew is well within their rights to decline to support you while you use my package. You will still be bound by the same agreements and contracts with Sinew as if you were to use their official packages. I offer NO WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE, explicit or implied, in regards to this package; USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Download Enpass- SHA256 Checksum: 9fbec3d581c94d81ded05ad2ade8d58d56198f6bfbc28ada8f0043b7ae5e18c4
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