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  1. I hate to sound like a broken record, and I know you all are hard at work... (Android O Beta, and all -- which if you get a chance to try, is pretty dang slick!)... but, any news for the updated Edge extension? I tweeted MSFT the other day and they said that the APIs have been implemented for a little while now. So here are my questions: 1. Any ETA or info regarding when a beta extension running with the new APIs might be available? 2. Will the new Edge extension run with both the UWP and Traditional Windows apps, or just one or the other? 3. If the extension runs with the UWP, will the UWP have to be open and running in order for the extension to work? Or, is it possible to setup the extension to work with an app that is closed... or even make the extension it's own UWP of sorts that has direct access to the database file or the cloud provider where it is stored. (but I digress)... As a Windows Insider and a Beta tester for Enpass I would really like to test the new Extension out. Additionally, like others have said on the forum, I would like to see Enpass working with journalists to market themselves a little better.. you all have a stellar product, and people should know about it. I (and others) would love to contribute to development (after the purchase for various platforms, so some sort of donation system would be nice. And... A security audit would also be really nice... maybe at the same time that you make a marketing push. Like see if MSFT will feature Enpass in the Windows store for a few days, etc. Most of all, thank you to the whole Enpass team for all of your hard work! Your product rocks!
  2. Hi, You list that the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 are supported by this new feature on PC. If my motherboards has a TPM 1.2 Module, will this also be supported? Thanks and regards, Marc
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