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  1. hi, im coming from another password manager and mostly made the change due to the lack of a clean iOS-App. So using the free Windows PC version I ex-&imported my old db and was happy that everything works as it should. I bought the iOS-App and it too works like I imagend it to work. My main usage happens with my work notebook: I quickly noticed that I often have to re-enter my passwort (which security-wise is not bad) and came to the great idea to maybe use my fingerprint reader to unlock my db. That's when I found out I need to use the UWP-App as the normal Desktop version won't get that support any time soon. As everything worked so fine this far I just went to the windows store and bought it aswell. As before, everything worked like I imagend it to work with Windows Hello. So I'm sitting in the office with my perfectly setup passwort manager and wanted to actually use it - that's when I noticed my old usability seems to be gone: * I can only copy my passwords using my mouse? (no shortcuts) * I can only copy my passwords using 2-clicks? (no button) * I can not see the top-node of my folder structure? (jump between deeper folders impossible?) * I have to move into my folders, and if I want to go back I need to push a button which is located in the windowsbar not the treeview? * URLs are no Hyperlinks and can't be clicked? If I want to use the URL in any way I have to right + left click it? Last but not least there's a feature I learned to love in my previous PM, I don't know if it's possible with Enpass: Creating own URLs that replace placeholders with the actual password & username. E.g. "cmd://sapshcut -maxgui -system=ASD -client=123-user={USERNAME} -pw={PASSWORD}" Clicking the link opens a SAP GUI, enters the parameters and im done. Can I realise something like this with any version? I don't want to sound harsh, maybe I'm just too accustomed to my old habits - I did not invest much time and maybe I just behave stupidly. But at the moment the UWP Version seems unusable for me on a Desktop-like environment. Thanks in advance for replies
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