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  1. Hi, I would like to import most of my existing passwords saved in Firefox, before using Enpass. Surprisingly, importing firefox paswwords is not supported. I've found a "password exporter" extension for firefox, it exports passwords in XML or CSV. But either format won't be recognised by enpass. I'm sure I could import these files in Keepass, then export as a keepass file, and then import the keepass file, but it's a bit complicated. Am I missing something : is there an *easy* way to import existing saved passwords from firefox to enpass ? thanks
  2. Hi Vinod, Thanks for your advice. However, xdg-utils seems to be well configured, xdg-open works perfectly when launched from a terminal. I've tried Plonqor tip, and it worked perfectly. As a matter of fact, I'm using KDE, so I've just logged in using Gnome/metacity, linked Enpass to my cloud, logged out and back to KDE, it works great now.
  3. Hi I've just installed Enpass on my Debian box (Debian/sid), using the provided .deb. All works well, but when I head to the sync options, choosing any cloud provider won't open their credentials/login webpage. So I can't connect Enpass to any cloud on my PC Any tips to solve this issue ? thanks
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