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  1. disregard issue - a conflict with an earlier version of the extension
  2. I upgraded Windows10 with the recommended updates from the Microsoft Update panel. Now under Opera, a message keeps popping up that the EnPass extension is too old to communicate with EnPass. Installed the extension (latest version) now says that the extension needs to be accepted. No errors on the extension screen under Opera. Somehow the handshaking is not working, I don't see these issues under Chrome.
  3. There are several websites (usually banking) that have two fields - UserName & Password. When you enter the UserName the web site does a search and then Inserts ***** to block the UserName from being seen as a security feature. Then the Password is entered and the web site checks the Password -- Enpass autofills the two fields so quickly that the website does have time to verify the UserName before the password is filled and causes an error. It would be nice to be able to place <pause 3> after the Username in Enpass to slow the autofill a few seconds before it passes the password.
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