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  1. Thx for your help. I switched to onedrive, but the app hangs always. I can´t work with it. are there any other suggestions?
  2. Same issue here with Mac OS 15.4 The bug isn´t fixed. At this time I can't use Enpass 6 and so I'm starting to get nervous. I wait another 2 days, then I change the program and delete Enpass forever Is there currently a workaround available for Mac Os? thx
  3. ralle

    Touch id failed

    sorry, I have new information. After touch id doesn´t work, the master password will not be recognized. This makes the app worthless. Only reinstalling the app helps and solves the problem. Please help!
  4. ralle

    Touch id failed

    Hello support team, I have the same Problem after the last update on my iPad and my iPhone. My iOS version ist 11.4 thx for fixing the problem.
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