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  1. Hooray
    Today I tested some other password managers
    I found severel good products and after some tests I decided for one of them.
    The data migration was easy and after a short learning phase I had everything under control.
    The synchronistaion between PC and Android worked the firts time.

    Finally I must say, it's good enpass drove me out.
    The new programm is easier to handle and more flexible
    So I can say
    By enpass

  2. Today I had the same experience. I have an unwanted upgrade with the lost of fingerprint.
    Fortunately I remember the Master Password but:
    This upgrade showed me, that I never can trust a company who makes mistakes with such big consequences and even worse, blames afterwards their customer.
    In Switzerland we distinguish between companies who have customers and companies who have victims.
    I immediately look for an other key program, has anybody an idea for an alternative program with easy data migration?
    Thanks from Switzerland

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