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  1. Hey Guys, I am already using Enpass on my Mac at Home and on my ANdroid Phone on the Go, syncing it with Onedrive. Last week I set up Enpass Portable on my Work PC (Windows 10) and configured the sync, which was working without any issues. Today i wanted to log on0 to a site I created a login for yesterday. Unfortunately i needed to find out, that the login is not on my work pc. So, i checked the Sync Settings screen and it is saying: "There went something wrong while synchronizing (Error Code -119)" Hmm. Okay, i thought and tried to disconnect and reconnect the onedrive sync. The Onedrive Website says: Authorization Finished Please continue with Enpass application. --> Loogs good. Returning to the Enpass application, i can see the circle spinning( it´s Synchronizing?) and after a few seconds, again: "There went something wrong while synchronizing (Error Code -119)" Unfortunately I couldn´t find any hint what Error Code -119 is meaning. I hope to get a good hint to get this sync working again, cause i need to have my passwords on my work PC too. Thank you in advance for your help.
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