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  1. I am considering, once again, moving from Roboform to Enpass but the import from Roboform 6 is still broken. From other forum posts it looks like it has been over a year since anyone from enpass actually engaged on this issue. Is there still support available for migrating from Roboform 6? I have followed the knowledgebase steps, just like everyone else, and I am getting the "Nothing to Import" error, just like everyone else. Can someone help? Thanks
  2. Hi Anshu, The new instructions make sense now, I guessed that maybe the version change was responsible. So I am now in the same position as the other poster in the "Importing Folders" thread in that the RoboForm Import appears to do the same as the KeyPass import and it flattens out the folder structure, which is going to be an annoyance for me too. Also, can you tell me if Enpass supports "Profiles"? Within RoboForm I have several different profiles for grouping logins, identities and Safe Note in related groups. So for example I have Business and Personal data stored in two s
  3. Hi, I'm looking at Enpass after all the revised hype surrounding this software and the Edge extensions. I am coming from RoboForm which I have used for a long time. I am using Version of RoboForm and your instructions to Export logins makes no sense. I'm not sure if it's just out of date or if I am missing something obvious. Currently I am unable to Export my data from RoboForm in a format that Enpass can Import so I am hoping you can clarify your instructions please. 1 - Open RoboForm - RoboForm is always open, it runs in the TaskBar so I'm not sure what you mean here unless yo
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