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  1. Whenever I try to use Enpass to auto-fill a username and password in Brave mobile browser, I am given a list of only 5 or six logins (never the one I want, mostly ones I rarely use) that are linked to Brave. How do i link everything to brave browser? I don't even know how these 5 or six got linked.
  2. Whenever I enter the master password I set up (why was it required to be SOOO long this time? Why couldn't I just use the same master password I had for the regular pass? First problem) It says it's not correct. Since I was never able to import the files from the regular enpass (problem 2), how do I just start over and create a new data file? I can't see any way to do it without entering the master password. So there has to be a way to at least delete the locked file and start over, how? if not, why not?
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