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  1. That doesn't help. I wants the password I don't know in order to restore it from one drive. Is there a way I can export the file on my phone then import it? 


    I cant help but thin it the yubikey authentication was an option, it could have avoided this. IM not really sure why I was prompted to change the master password to re enable syncing in the first place. 

  2. A couple of days ago my Enpass stopped syncing through my One Drive and I got a message I needed to change the master password.  I changed to to something i THOUGHT I would remember but now I cant remember it. I know there is no way to retrieve or reset the master-password without knowing what the current password is. Luckily I can still get into the vault with my phone as i have that locked using bio metrics (fingerprint). I have started the process of moving all 400 password to s spread sheet so i can delete the data file and then create a new data file.It is going to take me forever to to move all of these to a spreadsheet and back to a new vault data file.  Is there some way to export the password currently in the vault on my phone to say a .csv or .xlsx file? if not once I have them all copied, is there a way to import that spreadsheet rather than long hand entering everything again ? 


    Also, my question for Enpass themselves, when i delete the current data file, will I loose my (early adopter) pro status?

  3. I had a problem today where the master password wouldn't work to open enpass (even though it worked on my phone and one drive just fine). So I uninstalled intending to re-install and restore the data file. However, I cannot install the app from the MS Store. Clicking install does nothing. The only way I was able to get it back on my computer is to install it from the website, and with that I don't have my premium features, most importantly dark theme. Also Cannot install the edge extension. same problem clicking install does nothing. no error messages, just doesn't do anything, which mean i do not have auto-fill ability

  4. Whenever I enter the master password I set up (why was it required to be SOOO long this time? Why couldn't I just use the same master password I had for the regular pass? First problem) It says it's not correct. Since I was never able to import the files from the regular enpass (problem 2), how do I just start over and create a new data file? I can't see any way to do it without entering the master password. So there has to be a way to at least delete the locked file and start over, how? if not, why not? 

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