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  1. I did that but I managed to solve it by revoking the access in the settings menu. And adding it again.
  2. I have the latest Enpass Beta 6.0.0(228) on Windows 10 Pro x64. When I try to use the Autofill function on Google Chrome (Version 71.0.3578.98 (Officiell version) (64 bitar)) I get the following Error message: Update Required Your Browser Extension seems too old to shake hands with Enpass app. Please update your browser extension to latest version. Get it Now I have tried to reinstall the Browser Extension without any luck,
  3. I can't have enpass running when I fill out form. Asap I press ALT GR+2 or ctrl+alt+2 (getting the @ sign) i opens the main window of Enpass 6. I cant change the shortcut either cause when I have restarted the app och the computer its back to the normal shortcut which makes this issue occur.
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