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  1. Hi, I have installed version 6.0.2 of the free Enpass. But the font is really bad to read. I had never this problem with version 5. My system: Windows 7 professional 32 bit. Please have a look at the picture. In the background the font of Windows explorer. In the background the font is needle-sharp.
  2. Thank you. Now it was successful.
  3. Hello, I use the free version of enpass since about three years. My System: 32 bit; Windows 7 Professional Enpass Version in use: 5.6.10 / available for update: 6.0.2 When I try to make the update it says: failed, it was not able to get update informations. Be sure, that your internetconnection is working and try again. (See the attachements) -> Internet is working. My browser works. As I have no virus Scanner, it can not be the virus scanner, who makes trouble. It can not be my Fireware. When I shut down it, it also does not work. Can you help me please?
  4. Hello, I use Enpass with windows 7 for more than a year. Current Enpass Version 5.5.2. It works well, but since some time always when I close the programme the following message appears: (Please have a look at the attachement.) What can I do to cure this? Would appreciate your answer. Thank you.
  5. Endru

    default fields

    When we make a new Item there are already commonly used fields as default. for example UserName, EMail, Password, telephoneNumber, URL, security question. Is there a way to edit the default fields. So that in future if I make a new item there are other fields by default?
  6. I use the PC- Version of Enpass. When I make a new Item I would like to make also a hardcopy on paper, which I preserve also at a safe place. Until now we can export the whole data of all items, but I did not find how I can export only the item which I have just created. For making a hardcopy and printing it, maybe it's better not to generate the content of an Item as plain text, but for example as picture for better security. Until now when I want to make a hardcopy of a new created item I make visible the hidden password, then I start my Windows snipping tool. I select the well and clear represented content of the item at the right. Then I copy the picture at the clipboard. I open XnViewMP. I import the clipboard in XnViewMP. I change the color depth of the snapshot to black/white 1bit. Then I print it. Now I habe a well and clear represented hardcopy of this item. Why do I change the color depth to 1bit? Answer: This is to save printing colors. I do not want to print some grey areas or some yellow areas. But I like the well representation. Question: Could you make a feature which makes a hardcopy of a new item in a simpler way? Thank you for an answer.
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