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  1. Thank you for fixing it.
  2. Hello Pratyush Sharma What's the answer from the Enpass team? Thank you.
  3. Thank you for taking care of this issue. Endru
  4. Hello, Looks like the behaviour of Enpass has changed. Until a few weeks (or month) ago, Enpass behaved as follows: I create a new entry->logging->default . Then I start filling in the "Note" field. After I leave Enpass open without saving and work on something else (not Enpass). Later I want to complete the entry in Enpass and save it. Since there is a long inactivity in Enpass, I get logged out automatically. In the meantime, I want to complete the entry. To do this, I enter the password again. Now Enpass opens and the entry, I started before, opens again and I can
  5. Wow, it's amazing. It's perfect now. Thank you.
  6. Thanks for asking. MX Linux 19 (with all updates) Enpass 6.4.1 German Thank you. And this is my local.conf: <?xml version='1.0'?> <!DOCTYPE fontconfig SYSTEM 'fonts.dtd'> <fontconfig> <alias> <family>sans-serif</family> <prefer><family>Arial</family></prefer> </alias> <alias> <family>monospace</family> <prefer><family>DotumChe</family></prefer> </alias> <alias> <family>serif</family> <prefer><
  7. I have disabled anti-aliasing in my Linux system. Now, when I add a new Login-account-card in Enpass and type in a field a text, then the first letter is not fully displayed. Example: For example "I" of the letter "L" is cut off: See attached picture. Any change to solve this bug (for people, who don't like anti-aliasing)? Thank you.
  8. What is, if I use the method with the Firefox-Addon to bring the password into the Browser? Is this more secure? Has this method other aspects of less security?
  9. Endru

    Menu bar

    Thank you @Pratyush Sharma for your reply. Yes, I was aware of this. This is the same in windows. There, you have the menu also under the three lines when you choose "modern design". But in windows we can change to "classic design". Then we have a menu bar at the top. When we have a menu bar at the top, we have direct access to the menu. When we have the design with the three lines, we need one click more. Question: Can't we change into "classic design mode" in Linux?
  10. Hello, I always use Enpass in the following way: I open Enpass, search for my password, click the button for bringing it into the clipboard. In my Linux, ClipIt as Clipboard is installed. I found out, that it has a history. Isn't this a security problem? If yes, how can I solve it? Thank you.
  11. Endru

    Menu bar

    Hello, I just have changed from windows 7 to Linux. In windows 7 there was a possibility to show a menu bar at the top. I did not find this possibility in the Linux version. Did I miss it? Thank you.
  12. 1. A) Now, when I am in a card (login-> standard) and make a new field, it adds the new field and I can type in the content of this new field. When I now want to change the present name of this field that is "name of this field" I can click on the name and a dialog field opens. -> Now I have to mark the old name and only then I can type in the new name. In an earlier version (some month or 1 year) the old name was already marked and we were able to type in directly. B) To be exact: In an earlier version when we added a new field, (1) we clicked on the "new field" button. (2) i
  13. Hi, I have installed version 6.0.2 of the free Enpass. But the font is really bad to read. I had never this problem with version 5. My system: Windows 7 professional 32 bit. Please have a look at the picture. In the background the font of Windows explorer. In the background the font is needle-sharp.
  14. Thank you. Now it was successful.
  15. Hello, I use the free version of enpass since about three years. My System: 32 bit; Windows 7 Professional Enpass Version in use: 5.6.10 / available for update: 6.0.2 When I try to make the update it says: failed, it was not able to get update informations. Be sure, that your internetconnection is working and try again. (See the attachements) -> Internet is working. My browser works. As I have no virus Scanner, it can not be the virus scanner, who makes trouble. It can not be my Fireware. When I shut down it, it also does not work. Can you help me pleas
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