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  1. I think one thing that would help at the VERY least, is to provide some insightful details about the types of cryptography going on here, and how it's handling that. Something LastPass also does is they provide reasonable levels of details about what they do, where it does it, and what algorithms are being used.\ For one example I note, just looking at the Enpass binary I run ldd on it in Linux, and see that it's linked against libgcrypt, libssl-1.0.0, etc.. But also note that it's linked with libsodium, however that's not found, specifically. Which is a bit odd and concerning to me. A well known library that is linked but not used? I personally like the concept of Enpass. I'd like to know a little more what's under the hood of its design from a security standpoint. A lot of people can say, they use military grade AES-256 encryption, but HOW they implement it could completely break it in a snap. Some people here pointed out the country of origin. To me that is mostly immaterial. What is more important is security itself, and the fact is: Security Is Hard, as Steve Gibson himself always says on his podcast show, SecurityNow. Take a look at how LastPass describes what they do for security from a technical point of view: https://lastpass.com/whylastpass_technology.php
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