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  1. I found it, via the arch site, however it's apparently also in the release details - should of maybe read them first Eitherway - gentoo ebuild done for version 6.7.4, enjoy https://github.com/djsmiley2k/gentoo-overlay/tree/master/app-admin/enpass
  2. Hi, I'm trying to update my ebuild from version 6.0.0. to the newest however I can't find the URI for the .deb download?
  3. @Oceanwaves That's awesome - someone else has also done a pull request - when I've got hte time to do so I'll look at the changes to try and figure out if they'll do what we want
  4. The double negative, means you're storing everything on the company servers? - This is the windows 10 store.
  5. So I've created an ebuild for 6.0.0. https://github.com/djsmiley2k/gentoo-overlay/tree/master/app-admin/enpass It doesn't do anything more than unpack the .deb and install it 'as is' right now. You need to chmod +x the executable - /opt/enpass/Enpass to allow you to actually run it (and add it to $PATH if you care about that). I'm still working on the mime and xdg handling settings too however you just need to edit your ~/.local/share/applications/Enpass.desktop file to point to the correct executable, with %U as the argument passed to it.
  6. Thanks for the amazing quick reply!. Ok that's great to hear. I look forward to it - I may just leap and start using it anyway, as it's not the worst my system's theme has done
  7. So I've just installed enpass as I've had enough of lastpass's terrible everythingness. However, the UI isn't working quite right on my system - I generally have a very dark 'inverted' UI, and so I have some how got white text on a almost white background. The password is obviously hidden, but the title and the username arent' visible!
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