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  1. I don't know what issues should be fixed, but I've just installed the 5.2.2 beta version (upgrade from 5.2.0) of the Enpass Android App on my wife's Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini with Android 4.1.2. Unfortunately, I still can't get connection to my Synology NAS over WebDAV using the exact same URL and credentials I'm using on my iPhone 6, MacBook Pro and Samsung Galaxy Tab with Android 5.x. On those devices syncing works immediately, without any problem. On the Galaxy SIII smartphone it keeps prompting me for a password with the message "Geef wachtwoord van Enpass gegevens op WebDAV" (in Dutch. I'm not sure if this is a dialog of the Enpass App or from Android itself). It says the password isn't correct. Just tested again on my iPhone, with the same credentials, and it works, I can see its sync connection in the WebDAV logging on my NAS. P.S. Tested with both HTTP and HTTPS, no difference What could be causing this? Oops...this was the answer: https://www.enpass.io/kb/during-sync-why-i-am-getting-please-provide-password-of-enpass-data-on-dropbox-icloud-onedrive-box-google-drive-1/ Seemed I used a slightly different master key in the Android App, causing it to ask the original master key of the other device(s). Onze I entered it, all went ok
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