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  1. Hello! There weren't any major Windows updates recently, but Windows is constantly installing updates in the background, so what do I know... I'm running Enpass version 5.6.19 (5548) and Windows 10 Home, Version 1803, build 17134.165. I don't have any additional antivirus software installed. I re-installed the extension. It worked once. After that it worked a second time, but it did not recognize which password to chose, so it showed me a list of the passwords I used recently. And after that it stopped working alltogether, so nothing happens when I click on it.Then I re-installed the Enpass Client as well. After that it worked once, before it stopped working again.
  2. Enpass is working perfectly in Firefox, but in MS Edge it's not doing anything. Nothing happens when I click on the symbol. The enpass desktop App is running in the background, and extensions are enabled in the settings. What can I do?
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