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  1. I always launch Enpass from the Launchpad (pinch in with 4 digits on trackpad). It seems that the first time I launch the app, the text entry field for the password is not selected, so I have to click on the window first. Subsequent launches (after quit) seem to work just as they should. I haven't yet figured out exactly under what circumstances the text entry field fails to be active (perhaps it is the first launch after sleeping??), but if someone can figure this out and fix it, it would be great.

  2. I use Keyboard Maestro, and among other things it saves clipboard items so you can paste them in again later. This works with every app I use, except Enpass, where copying items manages to skip the clip history. I have no idea how Enpass manages to put things into the clipboard in a way different than all other apps, but it is very annoying. (For instance, it is very useful to copy 2 or 3 items out of Enpass that I will need on a web page (say, login name, password, secret question & credit card number), and then have all of them available in my clipboard history for pasting into a web page.

    Shouldn't all Macintosh apps have a clipboard that works the same way?

  3. Please support the Apple Services Menu (Enpass :: Services). This shouldn't be difficult because nearly all apps do support this. It is very frustrating that EnPass is the only app I use that does not support services when I select text.

    This is what the Services menu looks like on my computer when I use an app that does support services. You can see why it would be so useful if Enpass supported this too.


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