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  1. Well,....that was a disappointment! I received a message that there was an update ready to receive.....NICE! Click on start......Microsoft Store pops ups.....that sucks.....and in will not even start the update.....even more to suc...... My version stays at 6.2.0 (542) ......and even more bad news NOTHING NEW ABOUT WIFI SYNC!!!! The only great news is that its free for desktops... ..am i the only one who is missing something?? How about the promised WIFI sync guys!?
  2. He you guys......have you seen the numbers of views on this topic? That is not a small thing anymore! Please....come on!
  3. Well Geo, i think you are right.....it is about time for some news about this update! The program is fine, but sadly information about this subject is bad. And i want something else to read than a line " it is already in our priority list.
  4. Can anybody tell me why i can not move the columns to the right ? I want to enlarge the space in the column "items" and the column "titles" . There is a icon visible when i place y mouse on the borderline......but i will not move? Is this a hidden option or something else? Are there Enpass users how can move and create more ore less space in the fields?
  5. Hi i sent the email to support, hopefully it is all clear!! I want to sent you the bill from the microsft store including my emailadres . Where do i need to sent this to? To " support@enpass.io " ?
  6. Ok....i already payed for it as i can see in the store, in my account and at my creditcard overview it seems. Here is the information you requested ; Windows 10 Home version 1809 Enpass version 606 (322) Country is the Netherlands, language is english, and sometimes Dutch. There are no errors. I do not see something of "Premium version " in the lines "About" Enpass. I can provide you my emailadres from my microsoft account and the payment bill, if needed i will send them to you
  7. Can anybody help me with this? I use Enpass for some time now and i want to have the premium versions, android and windows. I have a Microsoft account and an creditcard. Downloaded the version windows out of the store, i can not pay there, i need to select an option "in-app payment in my program on my pc. Butt....where do i find the option or link to click : Í want the premium version" ?? I looked everywhere, even changed softwarelanguage from english to ducth and back....but i don`t see any link or something like that??!! Can anybody show my the right way please ?? Big Thanks!! Bo
  8. Hi all, I really like Endpass, using it for some time now.....butt still have some issues with it.....hope you can change my mind setting for it. But this is how i feel about things at this time. Because of the fact that there is no WiFi sync on version 6 of Enpass i tried the sync options with Onedrive and or other options. Butt it is not making me happy, don't feel good about it. Here is another mind setting i want to try, how about this; I can run a old laptop, using Windows Vista, i cleaned it up with a new install (org.disk and number ( it dos not have to be connected to the internet).... what if i use the Win32-bits file of Enpass , fill it up with my passwords and use that backup to fill my desktop and laptop running W10 and my android phone. Can that be done? Can you use a 32-bits backup datafile to fill up you're 64-bits enpass versions on Win10 and Android? Hopefully you have the answers i am looking for!! greatings Bo
  9. I am also waiting for the WiFi Sync to finally use Enpass, when are you planning to release this? And i hope you want leave as waiting for to long,.....also dont forget the WiFi function in the portable version 6 please!! Dont let us wait so long!!
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