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  1. Well, i use it now for almost 1 year on 3 machine`s, a desktop, laptop en tablet. On all machines no problems here, works great and no sign of being a beta tester or having funny mistakes. And ehh you use Windows 10,.....thats from Microsoft right? And the come from.....? The land of...? :-)
  2. Still no WiFi Sync with enpass?? I dont care they have my money anymore.....but i will tell you this.... Switch over to msecure.....make it yours and you will soon forget about enpass!!
  3. Well....i am glad that i switched to mSecure. This discussion has ended for me! It shows again how Enpass treats their customers. mSecure works perfect on all my devices... Samsung A 51, desktop Windows 10 and Surface 3 Windows 10 tablet. The program works great, backup and restore functions are good and the wifi sync is super! Sorry Enpass....you deserve this!
  4. Hi Garima..... the line "We understand it's been quite long, however, we'll be adding WiFi sync in the list of priority features soon" sounds a lot like the "it is already on our roadmap" . Sorry for now, i really think Enpass is going the wrong way for me, perhaps after a while....when you....
  5. Ok...sorry guys. I just wrote a review on Googles Play.....and it was not a very good one as you can imagine. You called it out over you. Using mSecure now....fits me good. Greetings Bout
  6. Dear users and customers.....all of you.....paying users, free supporting user, enthusiastic users,....users who are hanging on and users who are doubting.....i would like to ask a question to the following members of this program, sharing this content in this forum, ..... i don`t mind if you are an advanced member or team member, for example you guys ; Anshu kumar, Vinod Kumar, Garima Singh and Pratyush Sharma . Could anyone of you members please tell us if in this topic, if we are going to get the promised WiFi sync ? Most of you're customers are waiting for ....since a long time!? Please....don't give the answer that it is already on our roadmap and will be available after the final release of Enpass 6. Please give an honest and fair answer in this topic.....i really believe we earned this. My option to "check for updates is not working anymore" ....i wander why !? Greetings Bout
  7. We will just keep complaining...keep this subject alive! If they have any, even the smallest,.......good intention with this program and there customers .....they respond !
  8. I am almost ready to give up hope. They don`t even give a decent response at this topic. A real shame, the program is fine....but it needs to have wifi sync. If they don`t ad this option i am afraid the will lose the competition!
  9. As you can see my post is already old,....but i also send an email to support fot this subjec. These lines are ridiculous when they can not be moverd! I have a paid version with errors and nothings ware i can see that i am using an payed version, but also ....now answer from support. Questions about wifi sync, witch the promised al long time ago....now answer from support. I am loosing my feeling about this program!
  10. I know that it was a little lie....but keep telling, and promissing it multiple times to youre customers is a big no no ! And it is even getting worse. BY NOT RESPONDING!!!
  11. Dear users of Enpass.....dear team members and / or leaders etc. .....can i ask you all something? The topic of the WIFI sync is here since 2018....it is old, and it is being here since a long time. We, the customers, users and fans of you're program,..... are asking for this option since a really long time....see the start of the topic. Aleph started this one on the 10the of October in 2018! And....even if team members tell us that this option is coming....it is on our roadmap....hang on....we still have nothing yet! Is there anyone from Enpass Password Manager who can tell us if it is worth waiting for? Can you give us a promise or at least a really fair answer on this option? Perhaps this year.....2019? Please?
  12. Well, at least i am going to give it a try. I think missing the WIFI sync option is to important for me. We all know what can happen out there! And even more, when i see the amount of reviews of users, who are asking or keep following the reviews on this option, it convinces me even more that the response of Enpass to even give a reaction on this, is really bad! I will start a trial with!
  13. Well,....that was a disappointment! I received a message that there was an update ready to receive.....NICE! Click on start......Microsoft Store pops ups.....that sucks.....and in will not even start the update.....even more to suc...... My version stays at 6.2.0 (542) ......and even more bad news NOTHING NEW ABOUT WIFI SYNC!!!! The only great news is that its free for desktops... ..am i the only one who is missing something?? How about the promised WIFI sync guys!?
  14. He you guys......have you seen the numbers of views on this topic? That is not a small thing anymore! Please....come on!
  15. Well Geo, i think you are right.....it is about time for some news about this update! The program is fine, but sadly information about this subject is bad. And i want something else to read than a line " it is already in our priority list.
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