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  1. Enpass 6.0.4 won't allow me to enter a system-wide hotkey in the General settings. The box doesn't allow an entry. This was true in the 5.x version I had installed previously. I can add the hotkey in the Firefox browser extension, which works fine. But if I invoke an application that runs independently of the browser, I cannot use a hotkey to call up a password.
  2. I am a new user who is still learning the ins-and-outs and best practices of Enpass. I note that one can change the category of an item by dragging-and-dropping it from the list to the desired new category in the sidebar. However, it seems that the template for the item does not also change to match that of items originally created for the new category. To accomplish this requires deleting the item assigned to the original category and re-adding it assigned the new category. Is this correct? Does anyone else feel this is more than a minor inconvenience?
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