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  1. I installed Enpass from Windows Store on a Desktop without "Hello" and there was no issue - I just inserted the Master Password. This desktop isn't used often - this is not a solution, so please use this as diagnosis that Hello seems to be the issue. Cheers,
  2. I was not aware of it..... It's an ugly workaround and I wouldn't have bought it if that's what I was sold.. This works proving it is not in the data it's in the code Please still look for a solution!
  3. I've tried that, started fresh with the same master pass to try to inport but then it crashes at that point. whether it's 'hello' or my data I'm unsure, but I'm a one device man now for a multidevice app/platform
  4. I have no option to enter a password - Master or otherwise. No Pin/Iris/Face/Fingerprint recognition. The application is dead on my surface pro 4. As for the keyboard bug, that was a good spot, but surely no application should be language specific especially one where special characters are so important!?
  5. glad it's not just a single user issue and can be recreated! I'm using windows hello and am reluctant to turn it off as I'm not 100% sure I know my master password so don't want to lock it out for testing. the purpose of the universal platform is that it should work on all. Perhaps consider a settings option to turn off hello, or is it just failing at that point?
  6. Hi, The issue is that I cannot use the master password and cannot unlock. The app is dead to me in Windows 10 on my surface pro 4, therefore I can't get in to turn off WIndows Hello. As I say, if there is a way to clear the cache for the application then let me know, but currently an uninstall/reinstall is doing nothing. Cheers,
  7. Hi, I've been using the Windows 10 phone App for a while now - full version - and the installation on my Surface Pro 4does not work. It initially worked perfectly in sync however it now fails and I left it a while to hope a fix would arrive, but perhaps I'm the only one... I've uninstalled the app (perhaps leaving cache in the background) and restored the passwords from onedrive from my phone during installation, but i'm still stuck at the Master Password with no option for Windows Hello. I recently updated to Anniversary edition and it didn't work before the update either. Cheers,
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