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  1. Same problem here: 10.14.2 Beta (18C31g) Crashes on start and just shows a white retancle.
  2. Beta 5 ? The latest Beta is Version 6.0.0 (220) Release Date Oct 5, 2018 Or missed I something ??
  3. Me too. Its really a pain in the ass at the moment ;-)
  4. Jup. I have these options enabled. On ios, with both options enabled, the search is much faster. Since 220 it's better, but still slow.
  5. Since yesterday update to latest Mojave Version (10.14.1 Beta (18B67a)), Enpass Vers. 220 does not start. It starts, showing a white square and hangs after this. Processor ressources start increasing heavily. So, it's not longer usable...
  6. Hi there. I have about 2000 entries in my Enpass Vault. In the first days after installing the beta, everything works fine, but now Enpass does not find entries. E.g. I have a login entry with a username starting with appdev... When I search for it, Enpass does not find it. When I search for the title, it will be found. Before you ask, YES, search in every field in the settings is checked ;-) It's a kind of mystery... maybe a index or caching problem ? Kindest regards
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