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  1. I had to finally abandon Enpass and choose KeepassXC, although it took a little effort to get all my passwords imported into it using an old KeePass version to do so, but it is much more stable. Which reminds me, it would be nice if Enpass had more export format options. I hope the developer gets things ironed out. Good luck
  2. Also, would like to add, my original issue of the enpass6 icon in the taskbar being large has returned. I have to keep shutting down enpass, otherwise the icon is making my taskbar HUGE. Thanks.
  3. @Shin, yes I switched to the beta and Enpass now works again. It is still missing "minimize at startup" feature, but I am sure the developer will get around to it. thanks.
  4. Disregard the icon issue. There was a Budgie-desktop update this morning, and it was fixed upon reboot. I would still like to request the option to minimize to tray upon startup. Best, Kan
  5. Hi there, Reporting a bug for the taskbar icon. I am using Enpass 6 beta on Debian Linux Unstable/Sid with Budgie Desktop and the taskbar icon is huge causing the taskbar to stretch its height. Also, the main window upon system startup appears. Is there an option so that it always minimized to tray upon startup? Please advise. Thanks, Kan
  6. Hi @Shin, Yes, I think you are correct. There is already a bug report filed. Maybe the maintainer of enpass can add to the report? https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=907049 Best, Kan
  7. Hi Anshu, Thanks for getting back to me. I followed your instructions, however, there was no LoginFeedbackSound option in Enpass-Desktop.conf. I did add it under [General] and saved just to give it a try, but it was the same results, crashed after entering password. I will add for your notes, that I cleared or moved the enpass folder (it was located in my Documents folder) which contained the database so it would recreate that folder and also re-authenticate, which it did. It then asked me if I wanted to start a new account or if I had an existing account. I chose existing, and then it prompted me for save options, which I chose my google drive. It then popped up which google drive account (I only have one) so I chose that and hit the "allow" button, but as soon as I did that it brings up a ip page that is basically a dead page. It ends there, so maybe there is some sort of authenticating process that has changed on Google Drive? Not sure, but enpass works (with Google Drive) on my smartphone and tablet. Let me know if you need anything further.
  8. Hello. I am using the 5.6.9 version on linux, Debian Unstable/Sid, and when I go to log into the application with my main password, as soon as I hit enter it crashes. I have rebooted, and same results. Please advise.
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