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  1. Reinstall helped, but it was quite some work.
  2. Hi, is there no other way? Adding again several vaults is very cumbersome and costs me a lot of time.
  3. Hi, I’m using the latest version on iOS 16.0.3 and I still get this error and the hanging safari. best regards, Christian
  4. It's not only the price. 1password also has a lot more features and I never had any issues with it. It just worked. I still hope that Enpass is able to fix that shortcut issues. Would be a lot of work to switch again back...
  5. I tried all combinations of keys, but don't get it working. I'm really disappointed and regret that I switched to Enpass. This shortcut is an essential feature for a password manager! Why the developers can't get it working after such a long time? I guess that's the difference to a premium product like 1password what I used before. Looks like the saying is right: If you buy cheap you buy at least twice...
  6. Is it still planned to add a date picker in Enpass6? And when the final version is going to be released?
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