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  1. If I want to fill passwords in Safari for some pages a new Window/Tab is opened and then the password filled. It makes no difference if I use the keyboard shortcut or the enpass button. It seems mostly SPA Sites are effected. In chrome the same Sites are filled correctly. In Enpass 5 everything works in Safari well. It's a annoying behavior.
  2. Have the same Problem here at 125% If I change to 100% enpass Looks fine but the size is difficult to read. regards Martin
  3. Hello, after update to Enpass 6.0 I' am unable to set the shortcut for autofilling. The docs says: "Go to Preferences → Extensions → Select Enpass in the sidebar → from here you can set the shortcut." https://www.enpass.io/docs/manual-desktop/browser_ext_setting.html#creating-keyboard-shortcut But there is no option at all see attached screenshot regards Martin
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