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  1. It happened again. All of a sudden the iPhone app has stopped working. I can't say if it happened because of an app update or later. Whenever I launch the Enpass app, I get a "Wrong Face ID" error message and I am asked the master password. Entering the correct master password won't help. Please notice that: Auto fill-in works on the very same device, after sucessfully authenticating me via Face ID! It's just the app itself that can't be launched I am sure the master password is correct since I use it on two other devices (one iPad and one PC) with success I have seen a similar problem reported before, for example in but it was treated as a "I forgot the master password" issue, but it's really a bug: I do know the correct password and there's no reason why Face ID should stop working all of a sudden. As I said, it happened me already and I fixed by uninstalling the app, re-installing it and re-syncing with the cloud, authenticating me with the master password. I'll probably do it again, but it's kind of annoying. - Device: iPhone X - iOS: 12.0 - App version: 5.6.1
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