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  1. How can I turn off the new Enpass form listener that pops up and makes it almost impossible to use any web-form? It should be presenting itself only for login fields, but it's not...it appears at all kinds of annoying moments. It's annoying as heck and there seems to be no way to completely disable it. I've been using Enpass for 5+ years on 5 different platforms and super ready to ditch it now I have attached an example of it hi-jacking a random blog comment form. In the case of drop-downs it makes it almost impossible to select an option.
  2. There is nothing common to the different password managers on the market that would mean Huawei devices would not work with them, but other devices would. This is a specific bug to Enpass Beta 6. As this is a beta programme, I am therefore reporting the bug as is required by participation. I'm not talking about evading law enforcement, I am talking about security - i.e. what happens when my phone gets into the wrong hands (not, when I am arrested or captured as a wanted criminal??? :shrugg:). If my phone is stolen or otherwise finds it's way into a stranger's hands, they will never get past a fingerprint - passwords and pin numbers can be cracked with brute force, a fingerprint cannot. In order to open my phone and password vault the stranger would need to: 1. Know exactly who I am, 2. Obtain my finger or a very clear and recent fingerprint. If I were using a password the stranger would not be encumbered by either of these 2 steps, and therefore statistically the password is less secure than the fingerprint.
  3. Security settings broken/need reworking. So, a couple of things. Firstly, the security settings reagrding frequency of master password entry are broken. I have it set to once per month but invariably I am asked to enter my master password multiple times a day. No, I'm not rebooting my phone or failing the fingerprint 5 times. Secondly, please remove this ridiculous setting!! I never want to enter my master password, not even once a month. As a security company you should very well know that a fingerprint is far more secure than any memorable password - it's basic maths. Latest beta on Huawei P20 Pro, Android 8.1.0 Thanks
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