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  1. Yesterday I've started using Enpass v6 beta and it's amazing! Thank you for the huge work.

    However, being a beta, there are some bugs...

    • App crash on Windows 10:
      • Create a file and name it "Carta d'identità.jpg" (size and contents don't matter)
      • Attach the file and try to save
      • The app crashes (on Linux it works fine, maybe on Windows there is a problem with the non-standard chars)
    • No refresh after changing category:
      • On the left, select the "Login" category
      • Select an item in that category
      • Right click it and change its category
      • The category is changed but the list is not automatically refreshed
    • No file name when saving an attachment:
      • Open an item with an attachment
      • Right click the attachment and chose "Save"
      • In the file chooser dialog the file name and type are blank
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