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  1. When I delete an item with a custom icon, that icon disappears also on other items that use it. Note: the screenshots have been taken on Linux (where this bug is also present) just for convenience (clean environment). Create three items with the same custom icon Move "Item 1" to the Trash Right click on the Trash and empty it Quit Enpass (CTRL+Q) Reopen Enpass, the custom icon is now missing on the other items
  2. Hi, Starting from the new version 6.1.1 (424), I must enter two times the master password before Enpass starts using Windows Hello for subsequent unlocks. Quit Enpass (CTRL+Q) Open Enpass and unlock it with the master password Lock Enpass (CTRL+L) Reopen Enpass (you must enter the master password again, Windows Hello is not available) Lock Enpass (CTRL+L) Reopen Enpass (now Windows Hello can be used)
  3. I can confirm this issue. It also happens between two Windows machines, both running Enpass 6.0.6 (if I delete the icons on one machine, they are still visible on the second one).
  4. I've tested this new feature and it works fine. However, I discovered that the size of the DB (vault.enpassdb) doesn't decrease also after deleting 15+ icons. I think you should implement a routine that calls the "VACUUM" command of SQLite: https://www.sqlite.org/lang_vacuum.html Maybe you should add a "Shrink DB" button in the advanced options, if you consider too risky doing that after each icon deletion. Having a small DB or rather a DB that doesn't grow indefinitely, is important specially when syncing over slow mobile networks. Thanks in advance
  5. Items count disappears when collapsing categories and relaunching Enpass. Check "Show items count in sidebar" in Settings > Customize Categories now look this way (image 1) Collapse the categories (image 2) Completely quit Enpass (CTRL + Q) Reopen Enpass and expand the categories Items count has disappeared (image 3) Image 1 Image 2 Image 3
  6. When the trash is emptied, changes are not sync'ed across other devices. Move an item to the trash From the left drawer select Others > Trashed Tap on the trash icon in the bottom-right corner The trash is emptied but on the other devices the deleted item is still present (also after a forced resync)
  7. When an item is deleted, it is still visible in its parent tag. Create an item "AAA" with tag "BBB" From the left drawer select Tags > BBB Now tap on item AAA entering "view-mode" From the 3-dots "hamburger" menu select "Move to trash" Item AAA is deleted but it's still visible in tag BBB
  8. I'm also hoping to have the ability to buy the premium features on the desktop (and in future portable) versions. An idea could be to link an Enpass account (also this one used in the forum) to the app. What you buy is saved in the account. This way there are also no fees to pay to Apple/MS/Google and it's easy to transfer licenses between platforms and versions.
  9. I've seen an high battery usage (in background) when the Enpass keyboard is selected. My configuration: Phone: Nokia 6.1 Android: 9.0 Android autofill service: ON Autofill using accessibility: OFF Step to reproduce the issue: Open an app that doesn't support autofill, let's say PayPal Switch to the Enpass keyboard and fill PayPal's credentials Now put the phone to sleep pressing the power button Wait some minutes Now go to Settings > Battery > 3 dots > Battery usage > Enpass In the "while in background" section you will see the exact amount of minutes the phone slept If you select the default Android keyboard, Enpass will stop draining the battery in background
  10. On Windows, Enpass fails to create backups of vault(s) containing attachments. Add an attachment to an item (in my instance it was a login) Go to Settings -> Vaults -> [Your vault] -> Backup now Enpass says that the backup has been created but it's not true Also auto backups are not performed Note: on Linux everything works fine. Not tested on Mac.
  11. On Windows, when permanently deleting items by emptying the trash, their attachments are left on the disk (and cloud storage). Create an item with one ore more attachments Delete that item Right-click the trash and empty it The item is deleted but its attachments are left on the disk (and cloud storage)
  12. Yesterday I've started using Enpass v6 beta and it's amazing! Thank you for the huge work. However, being a beta, there are some bugs... App crash on Windows 10: Create a file and name it "Carta d'identità.jpg" (size and contents don't matter) Attach the file and try to save The app crashes (on Linux it works fine, maybe on Windows there is a problem with the non-standard chars) No refresh after changing category: On the left, select the "Login" category Select an item in that category Right click it and change its category The category is changed but the list is not automatically refreshed No file name when saving an attachment: Open an item with an attachment Right click the attachment and chose "Save" In the file chooser dialog the file name and type are blank
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