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  1. Same issue here on v6.5.1 (macOS) and v6.5.2 (Android and Windows): In "All Vaults" the badge show 68 items (wrong) but the list is empty (correct):
  2. Hi @Pratyush Sharma This issue is back in the latest version of Enpass ->
  3. Hi @Pratyush Sharma I can confirm that v6.4.2 has fixed this issue. Thank you.
  4. +1 for this. I think that the icon is deleted, but the DB is not compacted after the deletion (the space occupied by the icon's blob-data is marked as unused but not reclaimed). SQLite has the VACUUM command to perform this operation: https://www.sqlite.org/lang_vacuum.html
  5. Hi @Pratyush Sharma The issue happens with: Enpass 6.4.1 (642) Store Edition Windows 10 build 1909 The following video has been recorded on a clean virtual machine with a fresh installation of Enpass: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7049zsjwgn165og/Enpass.mp4?dl=0
  6. When I use the Password Generator to create a new password, the password I see is not the one that is entered in the field. It seems that, when I press "Fill", it generates a new password and fills that one. 1. Create a new item with a password field 2. Click on "Generate" and look at the suggested password 3. Click on "Fill" and look at the inserted password: they mismatch.
  7. Hi @Pratyush Sharma Environment info: Device: Acer Chromebook (CB714 with Pentium 4417U) OS Version: 80.0.3987.137 (Official Build) (64-bit) Enapss: Extension: 6.4.0 The scenario is: PIN is correct Pressing ENTER key does nothing Clicking with the mouse on "UNLOCK" works
  8. Hi, Starting from version 6.4.0, when I unlock Enpass using a PIN, I have to click on the "Unlock" button with the mouse, because the ENTER key does nothing. Of course this is just a little annoyance, not a critical bug, but can it be fixed in the next release? Thanks.
  9. I don't know if you can downgrade an app through the MS Store... But you can set a PIN (Settings -> Security -> PIN) and use it to unlock Enpass, while the developers fix this issue.
  10. Hi, after upgrading Enpass to v6.3.2, Windows Hello works only one time, then you need to enter the master password. Open Enpass Lock Enpass (CTRL+L) Open Enpass again (Windows Hello works) Lock Enpass again (CTRL+L) Open Enpass one more time (Windows Hello is not available anymore)
  11. Hi, For work, I often connect my laptop to the networks of companies that block connections to Google Drive, Dropbox, etc (to avoid data theft). The problem is that some of them also log blocked attempts and may temporary suspend my proxy account. At the moment, to prevent unsuccessful connections from Enpass, I set a fake proxy (such as "") so I can use Enpass "offline" (in it I have the credentials of many network devices that I manage). Then, when I connect to an "open" network, I remove the fake proxy and Enpass uses the system proxy to sync. It would be nice to have a menu like "File -> Pause syncing/Resume syncing" or "File -> Go offline/Go online", so pausing synchronization would be a breeze. Spotify has this feature and is very convenient. Thanks
  12. I'm running Enpass 6.2.0 (Android app) and Chrome extension 6.0.2 on an Acer Chromebook (CB714 with Pentium 4417U). Everything works fine when I connect to the Internet using WiFi, but when I use an USB ethernet adapter the Enpass extension doesn't connect to the Android app. In both cases (WiFi and ethernet), Enpass show this: Indeed, when WiFi is connected the port is open: Instead, when Ethernet is connected the port is closed: Other Android apps work fine also with an Ethernet connection and have no problems in opening ports (like FTP server, incoming torrent's port, etc).
  13. When I delete an item with a custom icon, that icon disappears also on other items that use it. Note: the screenshots have been taken on Linux (where this bug is also present) just for convenience (clean environment). Create three items with the same custom icon Move "Item 1" to the Trash Right click on the Trash and empty it Quit Enpass (CTRL+Q) Reopen Enpass, the custom icon is now missing on the other items
  14. Hi, Starting from the new version 6.1.1 (424), I must enter two times the master password before Enpass starts using Windows Hello for subsequent unlocks. Quit Enpass (CTRL+Q) Open Enpass and unlock it with the master password Lock Enpass (CTRL+L) Reopen Enpass (you must enter the master password again, Windows Hello is not available) Lock Enpass (CTRL+L) Reopen Enpass (now Windows Hello can be used)
  15. I can confirm this issue. It also happens between two Windows machines, both running Enpass 6.0.6 (if I delete the icons on one machine, they are still visible on the second one).
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