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  1. This also happened to me again today, it was the same with the last update... If I saw it correctly, it has to do with the Visual C++ redistributable package or something like this, at least I saw this during the setup and then my computer rebooted immediately without any warning. If you have other important programs open or other installations running, this is really not cool...
  2. I'd be very happy about the ability to (temporarily) disable the automatic sync as well. When I edit many entries one after the other, it's quite annoying that after each edit (and a short delay) the synchronization starts automatically. Especially, because the list of entries often shifts after the synchronization and the currently selected entry appears in the visible area of this list at the very bottom (scrolling position problem)... Has this feature already been discarded or is there still a chance that it could be integrated?
  3. Are there any news about this yet? I'd also like to be able to use CTRL + A if I make a mistake when typing my master password. Especially with a long master password this would be helpful. Unfortunately this thread is almost one year old and the last answer was 7 months ago.
  4. Hey @Garima Singh thank you for the tip! After the first reboot it worked, after the second one it didn't. But with the following 6 system reboots it worked again, Enpass didn't stay open. I'll keep watching this, but maybe it's fixed now.
  5. Unfortunately it didn't help. I'll continue to look if I can find out what the problem is or why I have this problem since the last Enpass update. Until then, if the Enpass window remains open after the automatic start, I'll close it manually.
  6. Yes, both options are enabled and I didn't change anything before or after the update. Now I disabled both options and enabled them again, maybe that has any effect. I'll test that and give you feedback here. Sometimes it works that Enpass immediately minimizes the app to the system tray, but most of the time it doesn't work. Before the last update I never had problems with this feature, back then it always worked fine.
  7. I've set that Enpass is started automatically on system startup and I use Windows 10 2004 (latest version). Before the last Enpass update to version 6.5.0 (707) I had no problems with this feature. But now, after Enpass was started automatically when I start my computer, the window for entering the master password remains visible until I manually close it... Before that update, it appeared only for a few milliseconds and was closed immediately. Enpass then ran in the background - just as I would expect it to do when it was automatically started after system startup. Is this an intentional feature in the new version or is it a (known) bug? I find it inconvenient that I always have to close the Enpass window myself after system startup.
  8. Is there any news on this yet? I have over 300 entries in Enpass and would like to remove the web form mapping from many of them, as this is no longer correct and causes some issues on many websites for me. Now I would have to create all entries again (this could take hours), because I can neither edit nor delete the mapping. Especially the deletion would be very very helpful.
  9. Hi, when I upload a custom icon in Enpass, the vault/database file size increases on my local computer and on my cloud storage, of course. But when I delete an icon, it disappears, but the file size of the Enpass database doesn't decrease. Is the icon really deleted? This is the reason why I don't use custom icons yet, because I'd always increase the file size of the Enpass database file every single time I test whether an icon I upload looks good in the item list or not and I don't want that. Is there a way to completely delete an icon and restore the original file size of the database as it was before uploading the icon? Is this maybe a bug? Thanks in advance!
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