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  1. Is there any news on this yet? I have over 300 entries in Enpass and would like to remove the web form mapping from many of them, as this is no longer correct and causes some issues on many websites for me. Now I would have to create all entries again (this could take hours), because I can neither edit nor delete the mapping. Especially the deletion would be very very helpful.
  2. Hi, when I upload a custom icon in Enpass, the vault/database file size increases on my local computer and on my cloud storage, of course. But when I delete an icon, it disappears, but the file size of the Enpass database doesn't decrease. Is the icon really deleted? This is the reason why I don't use custom icons yet, because I'd always increase the file size of the Enpass database file every single time I test whether an icon I upload looks good in the item list or not and I don't want that. Is there a way to completely delete an icon and restore the original file size of the database as it was before uploading the icon? Is this maybe a bug? Thanks in advance!
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