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  1. Often an item is related in some way to another item. It would be helpful to be able to embed a link from one to the other to make jumping between them easy. The way I see this working would be to create a field type called Link. Then that field would provide a button to pick the item to link to (this would be similar to existing Search system in main app or browser addin). Once the related item is picked, its name would be shown in that field (possibly in URL format) so you could click on it and be taken to that item. eg. Item MyBank has field called Link which lists MyCreditCard. Click on MyCreditCard in the MyBank item, and I am taken to the item MyCreditCard. I would probably put a similar link in MyCreditCard to take me to MyBank, or you could helpfully auto-add that
  2. In the main Enpass screen, if I click on a tag, the list is filtered by that tag. I'd like to see the ability to chose more than one tag (using Ctrl key for example) and have the list filter by Tag1 AND Tag2. So if I applied to each card a tag that said Fred or Maybell and applied another tag that said Home or Work, then I should be able to show Fred AND Work. If you really want you could allow other boolean variations. One straightforward way of operating this would be allow boolean operators in the search field, and add Tags as one of the options in the search field dropdown. Thus I could search for Tags: 'Fred AND Work'.
  3. Garima, sorry but that's not the same thing. Yes I already have that set and yes I can save new entries. No doubt if I submit a page where I have updated the details to what is in Enpass, it will prompt to save the new details. But we really want a direct link to editing the details stored in Enpass.
  4. +1 to this. Related to this, if I'm using the browser ext, and I type in some text to filter the list. I might decide then the entry shown needs editing. The only way to do this is to go to the system tray, open the full Enpass app. Then, that app has no idea what I was showing in the browser so I have to type in the filter text again to find the relevant entry. Finally I can edit it. Adding some shortcut to this process would be welcome.
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