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  1. +1 for Threema Web I close the Enpass window about ten times a day. You could say its extrmely annoying. So weould like to add the site to an ignore list.
  2. same here very anoying, Enpass is running in the background, the little icon is up there in the menu. latest Catalina, latest Safari
  3. ya please some edit button please. Its mostly a sername you have to add or change the name of the entry, should be possible inside browser plugin.
  4. +1 for direct Touch ID use. Having to find and click the Touch ID Button is a nag. Just like a Nagscreen so please make it work directly.
  5. Hi, I just migrated from 1password. You are just like 1Password was years ago, please do not start to kill features like 1password did over the years. OK so what we need is to able to edit an Entry directl from the browser plugin. The reason is coming from 1password it generated a lot of old passwords and they are all shown in enpass and it is hard to get rid of the old invald entries like it is now.
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