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  1. @Friedi Yes, but I cannot say anything about Chrome as I'm not using it. But @Twizzlers has probably the problem that his “Domain” field’s type is not URL (that's what I see from his screenshot), but there might also be another issue, I don't know. He should just check it out. Finally I can tell you, I have no issues with archive.org or any other website, when all needed fields are setup correctly.
  2. From what I can see on your screenshot @Twizzlers, your “Domain” field’s type is not URL.
  3. As already mentioned, I have still 1-2 crashes per day with the latest 6.0.7 version.
  4. After the update Enpass crashed in the evening again... seems to be “fixed” in the same way as there were other things like e.g. WebDAV/Nextcloud sync.
  5. @Anshu kumar For me it happened on the latest iOS version (12.2) as well as Enpass (6.0.6 - 234), but only once. After I reset the autofill feature the next time the correct credentials were filled in. It was my mail provider and I possibly have to add, that the password didn't changed since beginning of February (so that shouldn't be a sync issue). If it should happen again, I'll try to give you more information.
  6. I don't know, maybe because of the comfort reasons. But you're right that there should be at least an option to prevent the automatically unlock process of all the other vaults with the main Master Password.
  7. AFAIK by default you have to confirm if you’d like to store the password items of your secondary vaults in your main vault. But for now the Master Password unlocks all the other vaults, too.
  8. I’ve had the same issue on iOS today. So there actually might be something wrong. After I reset the autofill feature (disabled and enabled in iOS settings again), this problem is gone.
  9. @OliK I don't know, if Enpass for Android is quite the same as for iOS, but there you first click on the field you want to see the history for, select "more" and finally "history".
  10. @Anshu kumar Now I have the latest iOS version of Enpass (6.0.6) on both my devices. Nevertheless this behavior started in earlier versions (maybe with 6.0.1 or 6.0.2), but I was a bit too lazy to mention it here ... and had a hope this glitch will disappear in one of the next updates. Later I didn't used this login so often and so didn't come across it until now.
  11. xarekate


    @Anshu kumar thanks for your feedback and that gives me some hope it will be fixed soon!
  12. Hi @Anshu kumar ! Nice to hear it and hopefully the next update will come soon. Do you have any ETA when this will be available?
  13. I can confirm this behavior even on my Mac and Safari, Firefox as well. And it's not only about a reboot, it's happening every time after I completely quit Enpass. So it should be the same problem on each platform, no matter which extension is used.
  14. Hi, on both, my iPhone and iPad, the share icon is missing: On my Mac it's there, no problem: But if I'm choosing it for an item on my Mac, you can imagine what is happening after syncing with my iOS devices... there is an empty place instead.
  15. xarekate


    @Anshu kumar This bug is not fixed in the latest iOS update as well. You have removed the well working folders in Enpass 6, but instead there come tags and sub-tags for them now, which are not working very well (no autocompletion and this bug). Please give some feedback if there is somebody working on the fix.
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