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  1. On Fedora 24 (and using KDE) you need to do this: 1) Run Enpass like this: "LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/Enpass/libs/ QT_QPA_PLATFORM_PLUGIN_PATH=/opt/Enpass/plugins/ /opt/Enpass/Enpass" I created myself an alias for it to simplify the step. Basically, if the EnpassInstaller put it in the normal distirbution locations (i.e. not generic /opt), &/or they packaged it for Fed24 then neither of these steps would be necessary and you would not have had a problem. As I learned the hard way, I should advise others: do not put /opt/Enpass/libs in to your normal ld config, because you will break a bucket load of other items. Also, enpass does not run with LD_RUN_PATH, only the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable.
  2. I disagree to some extent. Firstly, "Majority of people use Debian based" is the sort of comment that produces flame wars. I urge you to avoid making such wild statements unless you are prepared to write a very long essay with reliable statistical support. Note: "reliable". Secondly, having just followed your comments, and used the "EnpassInstaller" on a new Fedora 24 installation, it just does not work. Thirdly, all the effort to support an RPM package is not intrinsically different from supporting a debian package. I have done and continue to do this. The setup requires a bit of work, but once the automation is working, you should not see any major additional workload. If you do, then the problem is not the RPM package per se. Packaging is packaging. What you have in fact achieved by introducing the "EnpassInstaller" as a generic solution for "all other distros", is that you have created a focus point for all other problems. You have not fixed them, and you have made supporting them very difficult because they are not contained in discrete areas. They are all in one big bag of "stuff". I suggest your management reevaluates the problem and the chosen solutions, because something is very wrong.
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