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  1. I'm sorry, but this has not being solved at all, what was done is that if you set the language of to some of the languages that break the UI, Enpass just forces a 100% or 200% scaling factor, which, in my case, make it hard to even read what is in the screen, but if you set the language to, lets say, English, like I do, and have items in some other language, like I do, they will still show all broke in the UI.

    I understand that this is a Qt problem, and the Qt development team is just ignoring this problem, but since Qt is open source, the Enpass team should try to solve it themselves or at least put pressure on the Qt development team so that it gets solved.


  2. 15 hours ago, Vinod Kumar said:

    Hi @OldFanta,

    It is known problem with CJK characters are not rendered properly with Enpass 6 with non integer scale factors. Please change Enpass interface language from to Settings -> Advanced -> Language -> Chinese and restart Enpass App. It will force Enpass to use correct scale factor.

    I have the same problem with Japanese characters, and for what I can see, it is a problem for all non roman writing systems.

    This is a big inconvenience for me, for 2 reasons:


    1. I use Enpass mainly in English, and now I'm being forced to use some other language (any other language with non-roman characters) to be able to even read many of my entries.

    2. This isn't really a solution, because the only thing it does when you change to a non-roman character system is that it stops the scaling, so everything is very small and almost unreadable.


    Please, properly fix this.

  3. 11 hours ago, Robin Cais said:

    I have the same issue except the problem is with Chinese font. 


    I disabled let windows try to fix apps so they're not blurry option, restarted my PC (windows 10 1803), and the problem persists. 


    I am using multiple monitors:

    2 monitor with 1920*1080 resolution and 100% scaling, and one monitor with 3840*2160 resolution and 150% scaling. 

    Enpass version is 


    Exactly the same experience. At 100% scaling there is no problem, but as soon as the scaling goes up the Japanese font behaves like I already showed.

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