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  1. Hi all,

    I had the same issues this morning with the browser extension not working. This how I fixed it.

    ·       Open Enpass

    ·       Unlock Enpass

    ·       Ensure the “Enable Browser Extension” is checked.

    ·       Exit Enpass!

    ·       Open Edge (This worked for me so I haven’t tried other “real” browser).

    ·       Ensure you are running the Enpass 6 browser extension.

    ·       Click or double click and follow the instructions.

    ·       Enpass desktop app with launch and you’ll be prompted to enter a code.

    Should work.

    Let me know how you get on.

    To Enpass:

    We should have had a choice and or warning about the upgrade of our production data! Unlike the other beta, my client updated without far warning.

    To users:

    ONLY sign up for a beta program if you are willing to except all issues with a beta! Crying over lost or broken functionality in a beta program is redundant. Beta uses are invited to help the dev process and thus should expect bugs!

    Happy hunting,


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