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  1. Addition: This happens more often: After clicking the extension icon, nothing happens at all. (macOS 10.14.1; Firefox 63.0.3, Enpass 6 beta 250, extension Quitting and reopening Enpass helps.
  2. Had the same issue today: macOS 10.14.1; Firefox 63.0.3. Restarting the Mac helped (and seems to be a shortcut to the workaround of Xarin above).
  3. My bad. I didn't realize there were three versions of Enpass installed side by side (5, 6beta 220 and 6beta 250 (without the 6 in its name)). All syncs fine now.
  4. I switched to Enpass 6 beta to check the sync. I sync via WebDAV on my home NAS, to macOS, iOS and Windows devices. Right now, I only tried the beta with iOS and macOS. Sync works quite well with individual operating systems. iOS devices share their syncs, but not with macOS. I created a EnpassBeta folder. In it, the macOS beta (6.0.0 (220)) created a folder named "Enpass" while the iOS beta (6.0.0 (178)) created another folder called "Enpass6-Beta". Any chance to unify this two branches, or do I have to wait?
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