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    password expire

    With another value you can save. But it also shows 'expired' with 500 days. Although the change was 152 days ago.
  2. PeterM

    password expire

    Mr. Kumar I have clicked on the checkbox, but the program does not allow storage with 0 days. The password check will expire, even though zero days are in the record. I delete the record and create it again. Thanks.
  3. PeterM

    password expire

    I know it, but the counter in the password in question is set to zero.
  4. PeterM

    password expire

    Hi Mr. Kumar, I was wrong. The field 'expires after' is without hooks and zero days. PeterM
  5. PeterM

    password expire

    Windows 10 (Store), A passport point suddenly "expires" in the exam. There is no field for this.