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  1. Currently Enpass supports fingerprint on all of its supported platforms except Linux. I don't think there's currently any other password manager that supports fingerprint readers at all, so Enpass has potential to be the first ;) Perhaps it's niche, but I would certainly use it if it were there, it's already quite convenient on Android and Windows :)

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  2. I installed chromium and it works. 

    My Firefox is however updated (64.0), so I guess this issue is still not fixed there.

    I also tried running:

    xdg-open enpassauth://dropbox/?state=security_token_sinev&code=...

    But it did nothing, so could you tell me how would I need to run it, if I wanted to open that link by only using xdg-open?

  3. Hi,

    I have similar issue - "Firefox doesn’t know how to open this address, because one of the following protocols (enpassauth) isn’t associated with any program or is not allowed in this context."

    I tried to open it with xdg-open and then Enpass appears, but nothing happens in it - there's still waiting icon (rotating circle).

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