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  1. Hello, I was on win seven one week ago and made some db saves on a flash drive. MY SD crashed and I was forced to make some changes with my hardware and operating system Now I'm on win 10 (new installation) and reinstalled enpass. Once my identity accepted it asked for restoring db and I choosed from PC and selected a file from my save : Vaults\primary\vault.enpassdb (0,97 Mo (1 027 072 octets = hundreds loggins and passwords) with my last main password that worked on seven of course = pasword refused I've also tried the other file vault.json (1KB) but contains no informations about passwords = didn't match either This is not the first time I've had problems with enpass, the last time it was impossible to restore due to a program upgrade or sth. And I lost my database too... So what must I do to recover my DB please, I need it and I'm really pissed off about this situation cause I thought I had made everything TO MAKE SURE it would work with my new installation ? Thanks by advance for any help
  2. @Vinod Kumar Thank you, now everything works again like a charm, I'll see later to install the 6.0.
  3. @Vinod Kumar Thanks to have replied, unfortunately, no such db file on my HDD. I suppose it has been deleted when I reinstalled the 6.0... To reply about what you've said above, everybody knows softwares updating is a complex operation (thanks for Enpass and all the efforts you've provided us freely with this tool) but why users are not given the choice to go back ? I use Enpass since months to order dozens nutrients food complements on internet, (I'm sick with S.I.B.O and others funny things like this) and I need my loggin informations 100% functional as soon as possible. So can you provide a link to the old Firefox plugin for v 5.6.9 ?This way, I can reinstall everything like it was before and once it'll be ok, I'll backup the wallet db file and update to the 6. Thanks by advance Best regards
  4. I've found something : in the import list of the new version, choose at the end of the list "Formated CSV", (I've tried everything in the list...) hopping you do not had the idea to export your last saves in the txt format. The you'll have to check every link to be sure each have the connection url, if not, enpass won't recognize the connection form. With this new version things are in the wrong place once imported and you'll have to correct everything one by one. It would have been usefull to precise this....BEFORE users install the update to avoid all this mess. If I had knew this before, I wouldn't have updated for sure. Anyway, thanks for this extra-work...always fun to loose time huh ? PS : for the record, in the meanwhile I had reinstalled the previous version = 5.6.9, but one I restarted my browser, the extension didn't work...because it was a 6.0 .xpi and not the 5.6.9, so as said in the FAQ incompatible. It would be nice to give users who do not want to migrate, (at least for now) the old xpi so that they wouln't loose time....
  5. The title says it all. I uninstalled the 6.0 version, as it refuses the import saying "wrong password". The problem is...that it's the good one so... I don't have time to manually re-create everything from scratch. Seriously.. a software managing passwords and unable to import it's own saves Oo. I reinstalled the previous version.
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