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  1. 4 hours ago, Hemant Kumar said:

    Sorry for the all the troubles and inconveniences caused to you. 

    We just need some more time and we assure you to improve all the things in our apps. You will see all the improvements coming in, in a series of updates making Enpass the best in class. Placing things in accordance with the new engine and inner robustness was our paramount that took most of the time, and now the rest of the changes related to UI designs and improvements won't take more time.

    Now matter of just a little of more time and you will see them in Enpass. Thanks a lot for your co-operation!


    does it include the feature touchID without paying a new Pro-Licence for enpass v6?

  2. hmm i did also the app purchase "Pro Upgrade" on iPhone some months ago and could use the TouchID on my mac. 

    And now after the new update on enpass 6, i need to buy "Pro Upgrade again" ? That is insane.

    You buy a Pro-Upgrade Licence once and can use on all platforms. Somehow i cant restore the "Pro-Upgrade" on enpass 6 for Mac, it seems like a bug. 

    Can some Developer answer this post?

    Regards Noka

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