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  1. Hello, although I am not new to Enpass I am new to this forum and to Enpass v6. First of all I realized that the folders were replaced by tags. For me that is not a good idea, because I cannot use the same tag name as a subtag in different parent tags. But even if I accept that, it sometimes is hard to create some entries in a row that contain long nested tag names, because there is no way to chose this entry out of a list. You have to type it manually for each single entry - and that leads not seldom to erroneously typed tag names. It would be very nice if I could choose the tag out of a drop-down-list of existing tags, or if I could create a new entry with the tag field pre-filled with that tags currently active in the left row. Comments?
  2. I have purchased the Pro Update für Windows 10 - but the "Dark Theme" does not work for me! Even after a restart Enpass shows bright colors (grey and white background).
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